Best Affordable Camper Travel Trailers – Get the Best Value

The RV world is quite a technical one, considering the huge variety there is to choose from. There are even more modifications that make a choice a little harder. Consequently, to land on the best of the trailers needs a lot of evaluation of the main factors associated with purchasing one. Price is always one of them, and it is always the main factor that either limits or opens up our choice to more. We are all on a budget, and we need the best value travel trailer. Preferably, we would want to save some dollars but still get the best least expensive travel trailer. On the other hand, some would want the least expensive travel trailer. All those would only be possible if we do a detailed survey of the least expensive trailers in the market right now and maybe get to see the best deals on the available, affordable travel trailers.

We have to note some factors on budget travel trailers, too, since there are prices that would give us a wide choice while for others, it would be a narrower range. $20,000, for example, would give a wider range of choices, but for $10,000, the choice would be a little narrower. All in all, we will always find our best, maybe a small but inexpensive camper. Let’s see the best cheap travel trailers on the RV market.

Most affordable camper travel trailers list – Best Picks For Value

Forest River Flagstaff E-pro travel trailer

 This is the baby to secure your comfort and nights during your trips at an affordable price. Although not as fancy as the Instagram model trailers we see in the feeds, it’s functional and comfortable enough with space for 2-4 people’s sleep. So, if you’re a family person, then your small family can be housed here comfortably while out there.

This is a light model; you won’t need a powerful torqued vehicle to drag it. Most of the models under this brand name come weighing less than 3000 pounds. So you ask, shall my small car tow this? Yes, it shall, actually any vehicle can drag these trailers along. While you shall not get the first-class special treat, this trailer comes with standard features, including a USB port, Bluetooth, and an AM/FM radio. A 12V TV that comes with a built-in DVD, all you have to do is load your best media and enjoy it. A solar panel is mounted on the roof of this trailer to ensure a constant power supply even in off-grid areas.  

If you enjoy campfire blues, then you know the blues hit better with heavier speakers. This trailer caters to you by providing two external speakers to get the mood lively any time you’re ready. With all these features and a good look, this is a trailer to go for when you’re on a budget but still need quality. Remember, you have a ladder to help you and your family get in and out easily, enjoy a happy experience out there.


  • Floor plans: 7
  • Number of sleep – 4-7
  • Length – 11-21 feet
  • Entertainment: two external speakers, 1 tv with a built-in DVD, USB port.
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Power: Solar panel
  • A ladder for easy access  


Lightweight – easy and cost-effective fixing and towing

The family size, especially for small families

Solar-powered and so can survive even off-grid

It comes with standard entertainment features


  • This trailer lacks washroom facilities and therefore shall need you to outsource such services.
  1. Dutchmen Aspen Trail

 Variety is great for the shower; that is what the Dutchmen Aspen trailer offers. With 36 floor plans to choose from. We ran a check of these floor plans to uncover the most quality and affordable model, which turned out to be the 1700BH model. Aspen shall serve the purpose with its queen-size bed and extra sleeping bunk for a trip of a few individuals.  

Hygiene is important, especially now that you shall be spending your nights in the trailer. This trailer comes with a bathtub and shower combined to offer you the comfort and hygiene you need. It is rare for affordable trailers to have the kind and size of a fridge that the Aspen model comes with.  

Being affordable, space isn’t limited; Aspen Manufacturers were creative enough to economize space in the trailer using cabinets. You get overhead cabinets that are fitted with hardwood doors for storing your extra stuff. The windows are tinted for your privacy and safety.  


  • Floor plans: 36
  • Number of sleep: 7
  • Comfortability: tub and shower combo, fridge, and cabinets.
  • Material: body- wood, sidewalls- sheet metal
  • Tinted safety windows
  • Length: 21.42 feet


  • Family size affordable trailers with up to 7 sleep
  • Has a shower and tub for hygiene  
  • It comes with 36-floor plans
  • It has an extra-large fridge


  • This model has few entertainment features which shall have to be fixed at an extra cost.

Joico jay flights SLC travel trailer

 When you need a fully equipped trailer that is affordable, you can’t assume a Joyco travel trailer. Joyco comes with finishes and features that would make you overprice it, but it’s less than $10,000. Sofa, we have not had an air conditioner in our previous trailers; Joyco comes with a room conditioner mounted on the roof to give you the desired conditions.  

Joyco is a small moving mini-self contained house; you get a small kitchen with a kitchen top, a sofa, 3-9 people sleeping space, pantry storage, and wardrobe. You can cook; actually, there is a pull-out camp kitchen for some specific models, you can relax on the included jacksnipe sofa and sleep overnight.  

This model is designed with a special package for your efficiency, comfortability, and entertainment. There is sufficient lighting from led interior lights, solar power, a multimedia sound system with Bluetooth connectivity.

The precision and selection of material for joyco are outstanding, the plywood floor decking, an included residential grade carpet for some models, a large acrylic kitchen sink, brushed nickel faucets. For your convenience, a spare wheel is included.  


  • Roof-mounted air conditioner
  • Hardwood cabinet doors
  • Plywood floor decking
  • Led lighting in the interior
  • A spare tire and cover
  • Pull-out camp kitchen for specific models
  • Acrylic kitchen sink
  • Brushed nickel faucets
  • Multimedia sound system  
  • Wheels made of galvanized steel


  • Has room conditioning
  • It comes with a kitchen
  • It’s a spacious trailer with 3-9 sleeps depending on the model
  • It has a premium sound system for your entertainment  


  • Lacks washroom amenities.

Riverside Retro travel trailer

For under USD 10,000, you don’t have to compromise on quality, and that’s what Riverside retro travel trailer offers. With 18 models to choose from, you shall get the best floor plan and size that fits your needs. Retro is a small trailer that fits couples and solo trips; however, you can scale up the size to cater to more people but expect to pay more.  

When it comes to comfort features, Riverside retro performs unexpectedly. You get an outside shower, solar plugin, electric/ gas microwave and refrigerator, and a stereo with Bluetooth. These accessories are much more than expected in expensive hyped models.  

There is a smoke and carbon detector for your safety to detect and sound an alarm in case of fire. Covered tanks with a capacity of 20 to ensure you’re not thirsty, untidy, nor starving. Led lighting in both the exterior and interior, among many other features, makes this the best value travel trailer to sort your trip out.  


  • Floor plans: 18
  • Size: 16” by 4”
  • Solar plugin
  • Gas/electric microwave and refrigerator
  • Spare wheel
  • Bluetooth stereo
  • Water tanks with covers  


  • Has variety with 18-floor plans
  • Packed with accessories and home appliances
  • Has an outside bath option
  • Includes storage water tanks


  •  Riverside retro is small and won’t work for families; however, it is the best option a couple could think of.

Forest river rockwood geo pro

Among the best deals for travel trailers are the Forest River Rockwood Geo pro. You get 7-floor plans to choose from; among these; we selected the 12RK as the most efficient and affordable. However, if space is really a factor to you, especially those with families, we would advise you to go for the Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro 19FD.

With 7 floor plans to choose from, this model allows you variety to choose from. For a young family, couples or individuals, this is the model for you since it accommodates 2-4 people’s sleep. Being a light model, you can tow and fix it easily. For power and entertainment, you shall get a roof-mounted solar prep, a wifi ranger, and a furnace.  


  • Floor plans: 7
  • Length: 11-21 feet
  • Weight(unloaded):  1133-3161
  • Sleep: 2-4
  • Furnace
  • Wi-fi ranger


  • Light, easy-to-tow model
  • 7-floor plans to choose from
  • It has a roof-mounted solar to keep you powered off-grid


It has no standard entertainment features like a sound system, also lacks washroom amenities.

The American Dream trailer  


Among the small inexpensive campers, the American dream trailer is better equipped and efficient. Since we are talking of affordability, the price is to be considered. This camper is cheap and shall get you the most basic trailer features to have your dream trip come true. You shall be able to choose from the available 3-floor plans; it’s a bit limited but better than models that restrict you to one.

You can comfortably have two people sleep in this trailer that weighs 650 lbs only. It means that you can single-handedly tie and fix this trailer to your vehicle at your convenience. For couples and everyone, all the comfort you need in a trailer can be found in the American dream trailer; you get a bedroom with a full mattress, a cooking galley, pop-out windows, and much more. The best news for those who love to hit the water is that the top of this trailer is actually a boat you can unmount and get rowing.


  • Floor plans: 3
  • Weight(unloaded): 650 lbs
  • Length: 11 feet
  • Sleeping space: 2+ people


  • It has a full bedroom
  • A very light model
  • Has three floor plans to choose from
  • Includes a boat


  • Limited floor plans to choose from.

Oregon Trailer does drop.

With as low as $6,000, you shall get a trailer for two people’s sleep; isn’t that amazing? For the minimalists who love off-road trips, this trailer model is for you. There are not many fancy finishes and decorations, just the basics to help 2 live on the road. As for the floor plans, you are limited to one, it’s not the best news, but for the budget, it beats logic.  

This model is too light to tow and fix, with a weight of 550 lbs even a bicycle can tow it. So, here you are, sorted with a trailer minus going for a loan or that mortgage.  


  • Floor plans: 1
  • Weight: 550 lbs
  • Sleep space: 2 people
  • Length: 3.5”-4”


  • Minimalist model
  • Lightweight that’s easy to tow
  • Cheap model


  • Lacks most entertainment and washroom features.  

BTC Moab Gobi Trailer  

Talking about the best budget travel trailers, BTC Moab Gobi takes the day. Though small in size, this trailer offers full accommodation for 3 people. That is, it has all the accessories to help you make a home in the woods or anywhere besides the road or designated areas. You get an external shower to maintain hygiene, a 91-litre fresh water tank, a cooktop with 2 burners to let you prepare your meals.

Consider to keep powered all through with the included electric system with an inverter, a charger, led lights, 12-100 V outlets. There is an included sleeping compartment with a seven-inch mattress that can comfortably hold two people. With the kind of convenience and luxury that this trailer offers, it can be the most affordable trailer for couples who want to enjoy romantic trailer trips.


  • Floor plans: 2
  • Weight(unloaded): 1,890 lbs
  • Sleep space: 2-3 people
  • Length: 13.8”
  • An outdoor shower
  • 7-inch mattress
  • Cooktop with two burners


  • Luxurious and fully equipped model
  • Includes an electric system with a 12-100 V output
  • A lightweight model that is easy to tow


  • Can only allow 2-3 people hence limit those with bigger groups or a family

CVT off-road trailer

As the name suggests, this travel trailer is designed to work in tough off-road area trips. The construction is heavy and more focused on carrying trip language than people. However, you can have two people comfortably accommodated in the rooftop tent. If you have tough moving tasks during your trip, this is the cheapest model to get you started.  

It is a lightweight model that shall allow for easy towing and fixing. With its limited luxury offers, it has a tub that can also be used as a bath space to ensure your hygiene while on the trip. Off-road isn’t the best condition for locomotives; therefore, if you’re planning to go exploring off-road and shall be having a deal of stuff to carry along, this is the affordable travel trailer for you.


  • Floor plans: 1
  • Weight: 1,150 lbs
  • Length: 5 ft
  • Sleeping spaces: 1-2 people
  • Steel tub that can be used as bathroom  
  • 13” tires and led lighting


  • Made with strong material and larger wheels for better off-road function
  • It has a 7-way trailer and bus system
  • Can accommodate 2 people


  • This model is more focused on the language than people.

Forest River Flagstaff 176 LTD Pop-up camper

Ever thought of an expandable travel trailer? The forest river Flagstaff trailer is expandable; that is, it can be opened up to offer more space and comfort once you arrive at your resting zone. This trailer comes with one of the best plumbing a trailer can have, and it has a kitchen to have your meals prepared.

With the Flagstaff model, you get a 10-gallon freshwater tank to carry enough water for cooking and other hygienic stuff such as washing hands. With a capacity of 1-6 people, this trailer can easily accommodate a medium family when out there. With all the features and ‘big’ size, this camper trailer is hardly 1,599 lbs, making it easy to operate.  


  • Floor plans: 1
  • Weight: 1,456 lbs
  • Length: 17”
  • 10-gallon fresh water tank
  • An RV kitchen  


  • Spacious to accommodate medium families
  • Lightweight
  • Includes key accessories such as an RV kitchen and a freshwater tank.

Affordable travel trailers buying guide

There are always some factors that we ought to consider when buying anything. The best cheap travel trailers are not an exception. The factors we will consider here would greatly determine the type of trailer we go for, considering that we need the best cheap camper trailer. The following are key considerations when looking for the best suitable budget travel trailer and maybe the best cheap camper trailer.

The size of the trailer  

We need a cheap trailer, and the best thing is to go for a size that does not suggest we should offer more than our budget dictates. The size may vary the weight, appearance, and maybe some features. However, we cannot select a size for the cheap trailers. What happens is that we may have a large trailer but with limited features, and that would make it cheaper than others. Others would look tiny but would boast so many features. This would make them even more expensive. With all the other factors in mind, it’s wise to check for the size against the price.

Features of the camper

Different camper trailers would obviously have different features. The great difference comes in how each company selling their trailers would rate their features with the price. From general knowledge, a trailer with more features and a complex setting would demand a higher price. We, therefore, need to check on the features the trailers have, their budget, and their prices before settling on our option. How cheap our cheap would be is obviously determined by our budget for the trailer. However, our choice would greatly depend on the market price and we ought to be a little careful with that all through.

The kind of camping we will be doing.  

The kind of camping we will go on will greatly determine the kind of trailer we want. We would need more features for a long trip off the grid than the few we would need if we like it on an RV camp. The kind of camping we will do will also tell what we need to carry and how much space we will need to have. All these factors will dictate the price of the camper trailer in one way or the other. The kind of camping might mean how many people we will be having on our trips or maybe the preference. The size of the camper depends on how we would want our trips.

The budget  

The best cheap travel camper would obviously be our best budget travel trailer. The budget we have for the trailer will be paramount in deciding whether a certain trailer is cheap enough. However, the budget should a range close to the features that we want as buyers, so we need to be prepared enough. You can always check on the prices from the renowned RV dealers around your state to be sure of what the budget should be.  Your budget should, however, be somewhere close to the dealers.

Terms of trade with the RV dealer

Different dealers have different terms of trade. Some would want a deposit before the process continues, while others would give it away one time. Either way, we need to have the funds to satisfy any of the processes depending on our decision. The terms may make it either more expensive or cheaper. That’s why we need to find a suitable dealer with suitable terms that would not bring in additional expenses and maybe frustrations in the long run.


       We all have our preferences. The trailers come in different sizes, models and with different features in them. Among the many, we might close differently, and the prices for our choices may vary greatly. The prices do vary with the choices, too, and this is exactly how the preferences would affect the price. However, we ought to go for the most affordable camper trailers within our budgets or maybe lower to be sure we can buy them without much straining. Our preferences will also determine if we will go for a certain camper or not. Some, for instance, may be limited to small, lightweight campers according to their choice, meaning they might not be as interested in the others.

How the prices vary from one company to another

Different companies usually mark their trailers at different selling prices. One may be a little slower than the other, while others might be so expensive. It’s easier to say that one camper is more affordable than the other based on their prices. It is good to check on different companies before landing on the one you would like to buy. The prices might favour some times. However, the prices tend to range closely, so we might not expect so much variation.

Best value travel trailers frequently asked questions

What is a good price for cheap travel trailers?  

Cheap travel trailers shall vary with your budget and needs. However, generally, a cheap travel trailer is that whose price ranges $10,000 and below. They are made in a minimalist manner that cuts out extra luxury and features to lower the cost.

What is the best cheap RV?

Your taste and needs shall determine the best cheap RV. That’s why we included a list of the best in every aspect for you to choose from. However, we recommend the Forest river Flagstaff E-pro travel trailer for a fully equipped and spacious trailer.  

Is it cheaper to own an RV or stay in a hotel?

As for this, obviously, owning your own RV shall be cheaper. You won’t have to pay for the curtsy and service, which is always hyped. For a trailer, it’s a one-time investment and no extra fees to sleep while out there on your trip.  


All RV dealers and companies have their prices for their travel campers, and there are many factors behind their rating. We need to understand that what we have to offer would be greatly determined by what they have to offer. The most affordable camper trailer would be determined by how much we can afford, but at the same time, there would be consideration of how much the cheaper options cost and so on. The factors on our buying guide would really help us choose, while the trailers we have on our list will really help us see which trailers we can easily think of buying on our budgets. However, the main influencer should be the features we want with our budget in mind. Many travel trailers within the market tend to range from $10000 and above, and the beast within that range might be somewhere on our list.

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