6 Best Teardrop Camper Trailers With Bathrooms

It is easier nowadays to stay outdoors, probably in a camper, than to stay in a resort somewhere. With this kind of preference, teardrop camper trailers have become more popular now than ever. Many teardrop travel camper trailers have been in the market for so long now, but many of them lacked some essentials. However, the dominating state-of-the-art engineering has made it so possible to have bathrooms on the teardrop campers. Teardrop campers have become popular among camping lovers over the years, and many people like them. However, we need to find the best among the many available ones. Here we are going to focus on the 6 best teardrop camper trailers with bathrooms. That will make it easier to find the best among them. The other factor that makes the travel campers so efficient is that they are fuel-efficient and can be easily towed by small vehicle capacities.

With the growing demand, there is a consequent increase in the rate at which they are manufactured, and that would only mean that there are so many of them in the market right now. Choosing the best among them could be such a difficult task, but we can really save a lot of time on this with enough information. The following is our pick on the best camper trailer under this category but with a focus on best teardrop campers with showers, teardrop campers with whole bathroom structures, and teardrop camper trailers with toilets or even some with all these on board.

6 best teardrop camper trailers with bathroom list

  1. Timberline by HomeGrown
  2. Winnebago Micro Minnie
  3. The happier camp
  4. Scamp 13-foot teardrop camper
  5. The little guy max
  6. The Icamp Elite  

Each of the above teardrop campers has its own unique features, and anyone can be the best depending on the most appealing features. Let’s see what each one of them has to present. Different companies manufacture them, and they have different features but under the same category of teardrop campers with bathrooms.

Timberline by homegrown

General appearance

If you have been so much into RV, then you probably know about homegrown. However, that is not as important. The unique feature about all homegrown trailers is their eco-conscious approach which gives their products just another exclusive touch. It’s something like a perfect oval-shaped trailer with dome-shaped ends, basically meaning space enough to house a bathroom and toilet on board. It has most of its parts crafted out of wood. However, some parts are made out of a mixture of other non-toxic materials.

Bathroom and toilet specifications

Both the bathroom and the toilet are at the convenience of the user within the camper trailer. To serve the bathroom, toilet, and sink, minimum water is necessary. The camper trailer has two storage water tanks that conveniently serve the trailer’s users. There are 23 gallons of fresh water and a total capacity of 2.5 gallons of water. The bathroom and toilet take up most of the space available. There is sufficient energy to heat the water for the hot water section. Since the bathroom and toilet section takes up most of the trailer space, sleeping capacity might be a little compromised considering that it is a teardrop model. However, some additional features such as a dinette are intact and as comfortable.  

Special feature

 This timberline model has another unique construction that would be someone’s best teardrop camper trailer with a bathroom and toilet. It has a composting toilet. This type of toilet does not have to store human waste in its natural state but undergoes a series of microbial activities to convert the waste into compost waste. This makes it a little unique to others.


  • Composting toilet
  • Hot and cold water
  • Sufficient bathroom and toilet space


  • Relatively sparse sleeping space

Winnebago Micro Minnie

General appearance

This teardrop camper trailer has a nicely finely finished fibreglass appearance, and an internal precise soft appearance with a hardwood finish makes it up. It looks good and large enough to house a sizable bathroom and toilet space and other amenities that are essential for camping. It has a dome-shaped extension to the front and a flat end on the rear. This gives it a nice shape that would be easy to tow.

Bathroom and toilet specifications

Apart from all the other amenities such as a kitchen, the sleeping area that can house up to four people, and enough space in the living area, this one has a Minnie bathroom which features an ordinary flush toilet and bathroom. The bathroom and toilet are well served with enough water under the tank capacity of up to 33 gallons of fresh water and 25 gallons of grey and black water. This is quite amazing since one can go camping for days on this camper without stopping at water points for a refill. The larger water capacity would mean a vehicle strong enough to tow the camper even with full tank capacity. However, there is no reason to worry since the camper trailer is made out of light fibreglass, and the weight is relatively balanced out.

Special feature

The most exclusive feature of this camper trailer is that it has the capacity to house four people in the sleeping area, something that most teardrop camper trailers would not guarantee. It’s large enough space in the sleeping area, a sofa in the living area, a kitchen, and a dinette makes it complete, and maybe the best camper trailer with a bathroom for other people. Some people would choose it specifically because of the housing capacity, which is obviously incredible.  


  • Larger sleeping capacity
  • Sufficient water supply
  • Nice appearance


  • Relatively heavy towing capacity

The happier camp


General appearance

Typical of a real teardrop camper, the happier camper is built in an adaptive manner that makes it seem suitable just from a glance. It is a little shapely and curvy, with emphasis on the general finish up. It is medium-sized with an averagely compressed impression at its sight. It has a nice complex kitchen in the interior that completes the internal space and a highly customizable bathroom and toilet space. It is uniquely constructed to save on interior space as its size suggests. It is generally a reflection of adaptive technology in use.

Bathroom and toilet specification

As already mentioned, this camper is so much into adaptability. The bathroom space is highly customizable, and it has room for inclusiveness of the general functionality according to the user’s needs. It is available in different plans and can be customized to suit the preferred needs of the buyer. If having a highly customizable camper is your choice, this can easily be your best camper trailer with a bathroom on the list. With the bathroom and kitchen in place, this camper can still house four people comfortably. That is quite incredible for such a camper.  

Special feature  

The most special feature special with this camper is that it is made adaptively to consider adaptive features. It is also highly compressed to fit many features that other campers its size would not fit. With all these features, it’s only 2200 lbs. heavy, which is considerably lightweight. A medium-sized SUV is just enough to tow this around. One that seems to put this out of many peoples; lists is that it has no freshwater storage tanks. The waste is rather stored in sealable bags.


  • Spacious
  • Light enough
  • Easy to tow


  • Has no freshwater storage tank.

Scamp 13 -foot teardrop camper


General appearance

Scamp travel campers have this shape that makes their edges so smooth. This one is no exception; it has smooth edges that give it a shape close to an ovate but with a little rectangular touch on the sides. However, this same model of teardrop camper is available in different floor plans and sizes. The features are nevertheless the same. It generally has an aerodynamic feel of a classic camper. Its shape is not, however, a true reflection of “teardrop.” The camper has two main versions that vary slightly in size but with great similarity in the features.  

Bathroom and toilet specifications

This travel camper is a little unusual since it can be used on the grid and off the grid. It has a hook-up model to connect it to the municipal or RV park water system. However, it still contains a 12-gallon freshwater storage tank if you want it off the grid at any time. For the grey and black water system, there is 11.5-gallon storage for off-the-grid sustainability. There is also a direct hook-up system for use while on the grid. The bathroom and toilet boast the same features as any other ordinary flush toilet and bathroom in a house since this camper can be connected to the main systems at times. However, its great adaptability gives it an added advantage since it can be used on and off the grid.  

Special feature

The most notable feature about this camper is its ability to serve both on the grid and off the grid. This would save a lot of water and space when there is a possibility to connect to the main water and drainage system. The provisions for both options make it a comfortable choice. The camper can comfortably sleep two, but up to four can fit in the extreme ends. The camper is generally unique to other ordinary campers, and this could be what makes it the best camper trailer with a toilet and bathroom on the list.


  • unique adaptability
  • lightweight
  • sufficient water capacity


  • limited sleep area  

The little guy max


General appearance  

This model of travel camper appears like an exact teardrop but with a little modification to make it long enough for its purpose. It is generally silky and attractive, given its build and material. It is a little unique with its construction, though. It has something that looks like a steel chassis at the base with unique ultra-weight construction on the rest of the body to give it extra stability. On the other hand, the interior is best constructed to suit comfort, general visual appeal, and enough storage. It includes an LED lighting system with an air conditioner on the interior of the roofing. The rear is fitted with a queen bed which is sufficient for sleeping comfortably.

Bathroom and toilet specifications

The bathroom for this camper trailer has its detail on the sufficiency of space and total privacy. We can describe it as a residential size floor to ceiling surrounding to cover the user well. There is a marine toilet therein with a high seat. The bathroom and toilet space are uniquely adjustable and comfortable. The shower head is adjustable, and the whole system is sufficiently supplied with water. As an additional feature, the toilet paper is waterproof to prevent it from soaking during showers. The supply of fresh water has a capacity of 20 gallons, and the drainage completes it with a general capacity of 14 gallons. The black water tank boasts a 9 gallon capacity for full support of the marine toilet.

Special feature

This camper is unique and boasts a lot of features that others do not have. However, one thing with it is that it is self-sufficient and wide enough to house its users conveniently. If convenient operation around a camper is the main feature of interest, this would be the best camper trailer with a bathroom and toilet, especially with their unique marine style setting on this model. The kitchen, dinette, and queen-size bed at the rear of the internal space give it a touch of completeness.


  • Sufficient space
  • Unique construction
  • Sufficient storage


  • Limited 9-gallon black water storage

The Icamp Elite  


General appearance

For a trailer with a bathroom and toilet onboard, this is a nice choice. It looks so nice from the construction’s attention to detail and the smooth fibreglass finish. It is small enough to suit lightweight towing but not too small for general convenience. On the inside, the little beautiful teardrop trailer presents high-end aesthetics with a nicely set TV on the living area, a kitchen, a nice sleeping area, and a bathroom. It is simply a little mini home that one can always move with.

Bathroom and toilet specifications

The bathroom includes so many simple details for a beautiful setting. It is set with a nice shower, a sink, a cabinet for storage, and a toilet. The elite camp is the most beautiful teardrop camper with a shower and bathroom space ideal for its aesthetics. There is a kitchen with a large enough refrigerator and cabinets on the other side of the camper, not forgetting a TV shelf in the living area. The bathroom space does not compromise the rest of the activities, and that’s what is so special about this camper trailer.

Special feature  

 The most special feature of this trailer is how it appears. Most people would describe it as beautiful due to how it generally looks nice. It is also a small and convenient space for living on the move. Since it has many details on how it looks, colour is a factor to consider. It, therefore, comes in two colour packages. The blue and orange options are the main available ones as of now. It is good enough for a comfortable stay with the added advantage of looking so nice. Its size allows a medium-sized vehicle capacity for towing, and this will reduce the worry on which vehicle can handle it well.


  • Beautiful appearance
  • Lightweight teardrop camper with shower
  • Easy to tow


  • Limited sleeping area

What to consider when buying a teardrop camper trailer with a bathroom

The type of bathroom or toilet

There are different types of bathroom designs on different models in the market, and it is essential to note which ones are available and which ones would be best for the camper we need. We have to take care of both since many combine the bathroom space with the toilet space. Some would be big enough to serve a couple or more than two, while others would strictly serve two and so on. The most important factor here is to know what type of bathroom or toilet the camper you’re going for is housing. It would be nice to note additional provisions such as water heaters or sink stations on the teardrop camper.

Water capacity

The relative water capacity of the camper is what we have to check on most since we would need to balance out how much water we use and how much is available. The water capacity can also determine how long one can stay camping before refilling their tanks. Many would go for maximum capacity to avoid inconveniences, but such factors would limit others as their towing capacity about their camper weights. Checking on the water capacity would easily guide you to the best camper trailer with a bathroom or toilet.

 The price

It might sound obvious, but sometimes it is the greatest hurdle we have to jump before we get to our best. The one with the best and most compatible features would be considered the best, and it will obviously cost a fortune. Others range within a certain bracket that we can either reach or not. This is where the relation between the price and the budget comes in. Having prior information about the price of the camper you want will give us the easiest time selecting our best.

 The overall weight of the camper

The overall weight of the teardrop camper would give us the relative capacity that would be required to tow it around. That is why we need to be careful with the overall weight of the camper we choose to go with. Many teardrop campers range within the same weight, but there is a slight variation in the same weight, and we need to consider that.  

 The size of the vehicle  

The vehicle that we have to use in towing the camper is usually significant to consider before settling for the trailer that we want to go for. The most important factor about this is the ability of the vehicle to tow the camper. Such factors as the overall weight of the camper would determine the maximum or minimum towing capacity.

Teardrop camper trailers with bathroom FAQ  

Why a teardrop camper with the bathroom?

The teardrop campers are the most cost-effective and easy to tow. It can be so annoying to have to buy a bigger car to tow a camper. The teardrop campers got us covered here. They are so easy to tow around. With a bathroom, we can say they have the simplest convenience in the RV industry. The bathroom is an additional camping convenience that other teardrop campers lack.

What is the smallest teardrop camper with a toilet and shower?

There are so many of this type that our market is full of teardrop campers, others with small size and equal convenience. On our list, however, we would easily select the Icamp elite. It is the smallest on the list, but it’s the most beautiful and boasts equal convenience for few campers. It contains both a shower and a toilet in the bathroom space, both of which are technically fixed to suit the matching aesthetics of this beautiful camper.  

Is there any difference between the toilets in the teardrop campers and the ordinary ones in the house

There is not much difference between the two, but we can say there is a difference. The first difference is that the size cannot be the same since the ones on the campers are portable. They are relatively smaller in size. The other difference is that one has to operate on an off-grid drainage system of drainage and water supply, as in the campers, while the other has to be connected to the main water supply and drainage system.  

The final difference is in the flushing. Unlike the usual house toilets, the toilets on the campers have a pedal that one has to use during flushing. The mechanism is a little different, maybe because of the position of the water storage.

Final word

Which is your best camper trailer with a bathroom? There are so many of them, and we already have some of the essential factors in shortening the list of the ones we would consider best. Everyone has their preferences, and they would greatly influence what we end up with. Most of the RV teardrop trailers in the market have almost similar features, but most of their prices and maybe weight vary greatly. The most important thing is finding the trailer with your preferred features but within the budget without straining. Considering that the camper trailers with bathrooms are our main focus in this article, we would want to check so much on the features on the above guide to make it easier for us to select our best among the available teardrop camper trailers with bathrooms.  

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